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This Smart Nail; Nail Enhancer Chip, can do mostly anything you are able to do via your  IOS or Android Devices. It can provide, notifications, virtual call, and many other features and services. Made with Durable, Flexible, and Skin Friendly Material, the surface area is the thickness of a strand of hair. Easy to use, with an adhesive backing, the chip will bend and fit according to the curve of any finger nail. 
Made of quality eco-friendly material, long - term wear is allowed.

  • Equipped with a new IOT Generation, chips and a alot of features and services.
  • No need to install any APP to use it. It works on both for android / iOS platforms.
  • Scene notification, can quickly trigger multiple preset notifications. Virtual call, can quickly book a scheduled virtual call.
  • Information sharing: such as: Electronic Business Card, Contacts, Online Stores, Webpage that can download directly just to name a few

1x  Smart Nail Chip

Size : 5 x 5 x 0.12mm / 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.005in

RF Frequency: 13.56MHz

CAD 39.99 $

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